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Ozonated Oils – Ozone Gel

Ozonated oils are excellent to have handy for any healing needs. Ozonated oils Ozonated Oils – Ozone Gel ozonated oils

Ozonated oils are excellent to have handy for any healing needs.


High quality Ozonated Oils or Ozone Gel (as it is sometimes called) is an outstanding item to have handy at home for a myriad of topical uses.
Scientific and medical research into Ozonated Oils has shown that they have high anti-microbial effect against bacteria and fungi, and that they are also effective in stimulating and promoting healing, promoting tissue regeneration and are also circulatory enhancing.

This means that our Ozone Gel can be used for a variety of conditions. We’ll name some of the conditions (later) that Ozonated Oils have been used to successfully treat, but, essentially, it can be used in pretty much any topical application that you could imagine as no bacterial resistance to ozone has been observed at all.

Ozonated Oils have been researched in various countries, notably Cuba and Russia where original research has been published for the last 40 years on the effects of ozonated sunflower and olive oils. These ozonated oils offer good anti-microbial activity, show no tendency to produce micro-biological resistance, and show no harm to the patient.

Ozonated  Oils are recognised in the pharmaceutical industry. The cosmetic industry lists ozonated olive, sunflower, jojoba and castor oils in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook (Issue 1191).

Now, in order to receive all of the documented benefits of Ozone Gel , there are two important factors that go into ensuring the highest efficacy from the product.
The first is the quality of the base oil. As the oil is the carrier of the ozonides that are produced in the ozonation process, it’s easy to understand that the oil quality is paramount and we use ORGANIC and EXTRA VIRGIN cold pressed oils as our base for making Ozone Gel.
The second consideration is the actual ozonation process and here we use MEDICAL GRADE ozone for the processing of our range of Ozonated Oils.

“Medical Ozone” means that medical grade oxygen (99.98% pure) is used as the feed source for generating the ozone and also that medical grade ozone generation equipment is used.
This ensures that there are NO CONTAMINANTS in the ozone stream that would compromise and affect the efficacy of the Ozone Gel. These contaminants are always present when ambient air and industrial ozone generators are used for “processing”.
It is a lot “cheaper” to produce Ozonated Oils that way, but at Ozone HEalth, our very first consideration is always to ensure that you get the most technically correct and therapeutically effective product, bar none and I would openly challenge that there is no locally produced Ozone Gel that matches, or even comes close to ours in terms of purity and ozonide content.

Ozone Gel Ozonated oils Ozonated Oils – Ozone Gel o3 gel

Ozone Gel

Our Ozone Health Ozonated Oils and Ozone Gel are available as fully (gel) and partially (oil) ozonated oils in a variety of base oils that offer varying ozonide content.
This means that there is something to suit everybody, whether you are  looking for the “strongest” product to deal with MRSA type infections or “gentle but effective” options to use for cosmetic applications.

The most commonly used oils are; Organic Olive; Organic Sunflower, Organic Flax and Almond and our Ozonated Oils and Ozone Gel are available in various package sizes to suit a variety of needs.
The Ozone Gel is available in 30ml, 100ml and 500ml (500ml  practitioner only) sizes and the Ozonated Oils are in 50ml dropper bottles or 200ml glass bottles.
Our very special Dental Ozone Gel is available in a 100ml jar.

All of our Ozoanted Oils and Ozone Gel are available for shipping locally and internationally and they are also available at wholesale pricing to Physicians, Practitioners, Pharmacies and Health Stores.
Please contact us directly on with your orders or wholesale inquiries.

As promised earlier, these are SOME of the benefits of using Ozone Gel:


  1. Stimulation of growth for skin cells
  2. Speeds up healing-time for skin wounds and ulcers
  3. Cleans and sterilizes the epidermis
  4. Reduces swelling and redness
  5. Calms the nerves and reduces the amount of pain in skin conditions
  6. May increase cellular function and cellular memory
  7. Acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins
  8. Acts as a moisturizing facial conditioner (leave on for 20 minutes and promptly remove)
  9. Aids in healing processes and reduces scarring
  10. Promotes healthy skin conditions
  11. Good for removing makeup
  12. Good for animal wounds, as it is all natural, and can be licked
  13. Sunburn of the skin
  14. Insect bites and stings
  15. Infections of the sebaceous glands (sweat)
  16. Can be used as a natural under arm deodorant
  17. Hemorrhoids – One of the best natural remedies
  18. Sore muscles (rub as a massage paste)
  19. Cellulite Reduction
  20. Wrinkles
  21. Ringworm
  22. Bed Sores
  23. Cuts & Burns
  24. Skin Yeast
  25. Carbuncles
  26. Diaper Rash
  27. Tinea Versicolor
  28. Dermatitis

In addition, it has been used successfully in treating shingles, herpes, MRSA, diabetic ulceration and infected wounds and burns.