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Ozone Therapy – Stay the course!


One of the biggest challenges that we face with ozone therapy is getting people to stay the course of treatment.

Medical Ozone Therapy can be applied in a variety of ways (, depending on the desired outcome and the person’s time and financial budget.
These treatments are generally not covered by Medical Aid (Medical Insurance – for our international readers) and the costs need to be borne by the individual, so careful consideration must be given to these aspects when choosing a course of ozone therapy treatments.

Medical Ozone has a wide range of benefits on the human body ( and as such, it is indicated in a wide range of chronic conditions.

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The challenge is that, as beneficial as ozone treatments are, they are not an overnight “miracle cure” for any condition and ozone therapy treatments may need to be continued for a period of time to obtain complete resolution of the issue at hand.

For example, when doing ozonated sauna treatments (sauna alone) for an autoimmune condition, the treatment period may be over a period of 3 months, 6 months, or even longer in some cases. Each person is unique in their condition at the start of treatment as well as their biological response to the treatments applied.
So, whereas one person may feel immediate relief of symptoms, another may not “feel” anything and yet blood tests might show significant improvements despite their not “feeling” anything different.

It’s human nature (I guess) to want instant gratification and sometimes people stop ozone therapy treatments when they “feel better” despite advice to continue the ozone therapy treatments to complete resolution and, generally speaking, these people will experience a recurrence of symptoms after a period of time, which they may then interpret as ozone therapy having not been successful.

In most instances the condition being targeted with the ozone therapy treatments would have been effecting the person over a number of years and would have been getting progressively worse, to the point where the effects and symptoms are debilitating enough for them to seek treatments, and even then, they may have still gone through a further period of time receiving standardised medical treatments that were not successful for them.
So, by the time they seek out ozone therapy the imbalances in their system are well established and the cascade effect of these issues may well be systemic and affecting areas well beyond the scope of the original causative issue.

So, if the condition has had a six or seven year head start, you need to understand that, as great as Medical Ozone Therapy is, it may still need to be applied over a series of treatments and a significant period of time to fully address the issue at hand.
This doesn’t mean that benefits won’t be felt immediately. One of the great things with Medical Ozone Therapy is that the benefits of additional oxygen saturated in the blood plasma, lymph and tissue can be felt right away, generally in the form of increased energy, alertness and sense of well-being.
But what it does mean is that you need to have the mental fortitude and determination to continue the treatments through to complete resolution of the condition at hand.

With Medical Ozone Therapy ( there is often more than one way to achieve the desired outcome, and as mentioned earlier, you could choose to achieve your goal based on best therapeutic outcome, which would be the shortest, most effective but most costly method, or you could choose the least expensive option, which would still be therapeutically effective but the treatment period would likely be significantly longer, and then of course a compromise could be met anywhere in-between these two to suit the individual’s specific time and budgetary constraints.

The important thing is to understand and accept that your body needs time to respond to the Ozone Therapy in not only stopping the progress of the existing chronic condition, but also to re-establish healthy oxidative processes in your system and then get all the other processes moving and functioning in the way that they should be.

STAY THE COURSE! – You’ll be happy that you did.

In South Africa, Medical Ozone Therapy is available at a number of locations:

Ozone Therapy Cape Town
Ozone Therapy Gauteng
Ozone Therapy Pretoria
Ozone Therapy Durban

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