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Accessories – Medical Ozone – Ozone Destructor destructor

Accessories – Medical Ozone – Ozone Destructor

Ozone Destruct Unit  Accessories – Medical Ozone – Ozone Destructor destructor 300x136

Ozone Destruct Unit

The ozone destruct unit destroys offgassing ozone when making ozonated water or ozonated olive oil.
Most people are aware that small amounts of ozone can freshen and purify the air. However when making ozone water and ozonated olive oil, any ozone generator should be set on the highest setting possible.
If one is using an ozone generator suited for making ozone water, the ozone produced will be extremely strong, usually 100 x that used for air freshening. This ozone, if allowed to escape into the room can be irritating. It is therefore best if it is destroyed, and the Ozone Destruct Unit will allow you to do just that.The Longevity Destructor is available as shown, or in a stainless steel casing. Please specify which model when placing your order.


Standard: R1200
Stainless: R2000
Stainless with hydrophobic filter R3000 (10yr lifespan)