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Ozonated Saline

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Ozonated Saline

Ozonated Saline is one of the simpler methods of administration of Medical Ozone for the patient, but is conversely the most technical for the therapist to prepare as it is the volume of ozone remaining saturated in the saline that is the total treatment dosage, as opposed to other methods of administration where the dosage is calculated in the volume and concentration of ozone being produced by the generator.
The saline should also, ideally, be ozonated during the entire time whilst being administered.

For the patient, the Ozonated Saline is is extremely easily administered via intra venous drip, over a period of 15 to 30 minutes, or perhaps even longer, dependent on the volume being given.

This methodology is used extensively in Eastern Europe, and is in fact their preferred method of administration as it is able to deliver larger dosages of ozone per treatment and it also treats a larger volume of blood in the body, compared to MAHT for example, where traditionally, 100ml of blood is used per treatment.

The use of Ozonated Saline is indicated in a number of desired outcomes based on the volume and concentration of the Physiologic solution produced.