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Prolozone EXT50 ext50 ozone generator Ozone Generator – Medical Ozone – EXT50 ext50 web

Ozone Generator – Medical Ozone – EXT50

Prolozone EXT50 ext50 ozone generator Ozone Generator – Medical Ozone – EXT50 ext50 web 300x136

EXT50 ultra pure ozone generator.

EXT50 Ozone Generator:

High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications Including Ozone Steam SaunaFeatures: The EXT50 Ozone Generator is our most affordable and easy-to-use oxygen-fed ozone generator. It is designed to be used for any ozone application that requires 51 ug/ml or less, including an ozone sauna chamber or any other portable sauna. The EXT50 Ozone Generator can also be purchased alone, or with any ozone accessories. No one else offers the following full list of features:
  • Lifetime Warranty against burn out – the EXT50 Ozone Generator produces no heat, no sparking therefore “burn out” is impossible.
  • No Metal – our cold corona double-walled quartz glass tube ensures oxygen and ozone only come into contact with glass (which is 100% ozone resistant)
  • Pure ozone output – since the ozone only comes into contact with 100% ozone resistant materials, the ozone that the EXT50 Ozone Generator produces is pure, completely free of metals and completely free of nitrogen byproducts.
  • Extremely Easy to Use – our ozone generators come with complete owner’s manuals, with diagrams and photos to ensure easy operation of your new ozone generator. If you need help, just call us!
  • Precision Ozone Output – the EXT50 is designed to provide ultra pure ozone for many different ozone protocols with ozone concentrations ranging from 1ug/ml – 51ug/ml
  • Proven High Quality and Professional Manufacturing – Our Ozone Generators and our factory have been inspected by representatives of Canadian and American authorities and have proven professional manufacturing, quality controls, and safety resulting in our ETL Approval.
  • 100% Ozone resistant internal components: glass electrode, Teflon tubing, no metals: you get only pure contaminant free ozone
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing – The EXT50 Ozone Generator has been priced for the customer on a budget. Same great quality, lifetime warranty, and customer service as the EXT120 Ozone Generator, but lower pricing.

EXT50 Ozone Output Chart

Oxygen Flow in LPM Oxygen Flow in cc/min Ozone Output ug/ml
1/32 31 55
1/16 62 51
1/8 125 46
1/4 250 31
1/2 500 20
1 1000 10


PRICE: R30 325 *Subject to exchange fluctuations