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medical ozone generator Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone Generator – Hyper Medozon hyper medozon

Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone Generator – Hyper Medozon

Ozone Generators: Hyper Medozon medical ozone generator Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone Generator – Hyper Medozon hyper medozon 300x136

Medical Ozone generator: Hyper Medozon

Medical Ozone generator:

The Hyper Medozon Medical Ozone Generator from HAB in Germany serves for the generation of an oxygen-ozone mixture suitable for all medical ozone applications.
The ozone concentration can be adjusted to any value between 5 ug/ml and 80 ug/ml via touch screen interface and the ozone can be delivered via any one of three outlets, depending on the desired application.The following therapy types are possible with the oxygen-ozone mixture generated by the Hyper Medozon system and related accessories:
Hyperbaric Major autohemotherapy and OHT Multi Pass MAHT
Minor autohemotherapy
Injection and syringe therapy
Bag aeration
Intestinal insufflation
The Hyper Medozon is the only Medical Ozone generator capable of safely administering Hyperbaric MAHT treatments which significantly improve the effectiveness of MAHT treatments and in Germany this is practically the only unit purchased by physicians due to the increased effectiveness of the Hyperbaric aspect of the process.Suitably qualified professionals are invited to contact us for additional information and full product brochure on this Medical Ozone Generator.Features of the Hyper Medozon Medical Ozone Generator:Touch screen input
Dynamic ozone measurement
3 output ports
Inbuilt ozone catalyzer
Inbuilt vacuum pump
2yr warrantyFor unsurpassed efficacy with MAHT treatments and busy practices where treatment time is a factor, this is unquestionably the most suitable Medical Ozone generator on the market and the touch screen interface and inbuilt vacuum pump and catalyzer make it a pleasure to operate, for any treatment modality.


Length 460
Width 535
Height 180
Weight 18.7


R225 750 *Subject to exchange fluctuations