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EXT120T Ultra ext120 Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – EXT120T ULTRA EXT120T Ultra 2

Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – EXT120T ULTRA

EXT120T Ultra ext120 Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – EXT120T ULTRA EXT120T Ultra 2 203x300


High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications Including Ozone Steam Sauna CabinetFeatures: The EXT120T Ozone Generator is our previous top-of-the-line ozone generator generator (prior to the launch of the Quantum series) that uses a quartz glass ozone tube that has no metal in contact with the ozone, and produces no heat. It is an extremely high quality, complete ozonation system for professional or home use, with a built in countdown timer. Supplied with a Plexiglas Frame (optional), it is suitable for wall-mounted, or table top use. Purchase it as a complete ozone generator system, or choose your own ozone accessories. It has been designed to produce “Ultra Pure Ozone” from pure oxygen, and has the qualities that our customers demand.None of our competitors can offer you the following full list of features:
  • Lifetime Warranty against burn out – the EXT120-T Ozone Generator produces no heat, no sparking therefore “burn out” is impossible. See our Lifetime Warranty.
  • No Metal – our cold corona double-walled quartz glass tube ensures oxygen and ozone only come into contact with glass (which is 100% ozone resistant); no metal, no heat, no burnout!
  • Pure ozone output – since the ozone only comes into contact with 100% ozone resistant materials, the ozone that the EXT120 Ozone Generator produces is pure, completely free of metals and completely free of nitrogen byproducts.
  • Extremely Easy to Use – our ozone generators come with complete owner’s manuals, with diagrams and photos to ensure easy operation of your new ozone generator. If you need help, just call us!
  • Full range of ozone concentrations so it can be used for all protocols (1ug/ml – 120ug/ml). You may choose from 50 different ozone concentrations within this range.  Some of our competitors offer you only 5. Since our ozone generators provide such a wide range of ozone concentrations, you can use them for anything you would like to do with ozone now and in the future.
  • Proven High Quality and Professional Manufacturing – The ozone industry is full of ozone generators built in garages, basements, back yard shops. How do you know if you are wasting your money on a home-made ozone generator? Our Ozone Generators and our factory have been inspected by representatives of Canadian and American authorities and have proven professional manufacturing, quality controls, and safety resulting in our ETL Approval.
  • 100% Ozone resistant internal components: glass electrode, Teflon tubing, no metals: you get only pure contaminant free ozone
  • Competitive Pricing

As with the EXT120 Briefcase Ozone Generator, you are in complete control as you choose your desired ozone concentration from the widest range of Ozone Concentrations in the world (1ug/ml – 120ug/ml). This ensures your safety by allowing you to choose the ozone concentration that is exactly right for your needs. The Ultra Pure Contaminant Free ozone output in combination with the wide range of ozone concentrations ensures that you can use the EXT120-T to perform any ozone protocol necessary. Proven Quality and Safety is guaranteed through ETL Approval, and manufactured in an inspected professional factory.

Don’t be left wishing that your ozone generator could do more. You can ensure that you can do everything and anything that you would like to do with your ozone generator both now and in the future by purchasing the EXT120-T Ozone Generator System.

EXT 120 T Ozone output (example only. Each unit has it’s own individually tested output chart)

LPM cc/min 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1/32 31 38 65 76 80 83 91 94 98 105 120
1/16 62 20 42 55 69 82 86 92 96 98 100
1/8 125 12 26 36 48 61 72 84 88 92 96
1/4 250 6 14 20 28 39 49 59 64 70 78
1/2 500 3 7 11 15 22 27 36 40 44 50


Length 355mm
Width 178mm
Height 104mm
Weight 3.6kg


R75 650 *Subject to exchange fluctuations