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dental ozone generator Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator quantum3

Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators: Quantum 3 dental ozone generator Ozone Generators – Medical Ozone – Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator quantum3 300x136

Ozone Generators: Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator

QUANTUM 3 Dental Ozone Generator

The Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator has Newly upgraded electronics with even more power handling capability and even higher quality. Once again Longevity Resources Inc. is providing you with ozone generators that far exceed any international competition for ozone output (up to 120 ug/ml), quality, durability, Longevity, and warranty (5 years parts and Labor with Lifetime Warranty on the Quartz Cold Corona Glass Tube).The Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator has dual ozone output ports – two ports so you can fill a syringe with the “Syringe Port” while performing another ozone protocol with the Syringe Bypass at the same time. The Quantum 3 is ETL Approved and CE Approved.The North American version of the Quantum 3 is called the DOU120 Dental Ozone Generator. This unit is currently being provided to Dentists across America for an FDA Approved study on the use of ozone in Dentistry. A detailed survey was performed by an extremely well respected Dental Product review company called Dental Product Shopper. This Ozone Generator received an amazing score of 4.7 out of 5 from our customers, for overall quality, reliability, ease of use, etc. If you would like to read the results of the survey, please click here: DOU120 Ozone Generator.
The Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator provides the most advanced ozone technology in the world at a price that is within easy reach of any professional.
The wide range of ozone concentrations you require for your business, from low ozone concentrations to some of the highest in the world, are produced with ease, whether it is repeatedly turned On / Off / On / Off, or left running 24 hours per day. Production of the finest “Ultra Pure Contaminant Free Ozone” is guaranteed by producing the ozone in a double walled Quartz Glass Tube, and by ensuring all internal components in contact with the ozone are 100% ozone resistant. The result? Nothing but pure contaminant free ozone produced at the precise concentration you have chosen.
The front panel Syringe Port makes it extremely easy to fill a syringe with ozone. Simply attach the syringe to the front of the ozone generator, flip the switch, and watch as the syringe fills itself. The addition of a second Ozone Output Port on the front panel enables the busy professional to perform two ozone applications at the same time, while the built in digital countdown timer will monitor the ozone usage time while you attend to other tasks.
The Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator is manufactured in North America using North American components. By combining the unique qualities of Leading Edge Design and Engineering, the highest quality components available in the world, and manufacturing in our Professional ETL Approved Factory setting (complete with Outstanding Quality Controls), Longevity Resources Inc. has once again set the Gold Standard for quality in Ozone Systems. Our commitment to Quality is clear, and our Lifetime Warranty and customer support display our commitment to you as a valued customer.
Choose The Quantum 3 Dental Ozone Generator today, and enjoy A Quantum Leap in Ozone Technology and Reliability.


Length 184mm
Width 336mm
Height 101mm
Weight 3.2kg


R115 000 *Subject to exchange fluctuations