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Lipolife Cardio+ Pack


Lipolife Cardio+ Pack

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Lipolife cardio-pack

Lipolife cardio-pack

Lipolife Cardio Pack – Consisting of: 2 x Vit C, 1 xCurcumin, 1 x CoQ10, 1 x Omega V3, 1 x B12

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Lipolife cardio-pack cardio pack Lipolife Cardio+ Pack Cardio Pack

Lipolife cardio-pack

Liposomal Nutriceuticals are such an important tool to be used in assisting our recovery of any number of health challenges and there are a number of Lipolife products that are commonly used in combination to achieve specific targeted results.

We have put together a Lipolife Cardio Pack of the most commonly combined nutrients that have benefit to the cardiovascular system and we are offering this pack exclusively through the online store, at a reduced price, in an effort to assist those who are most in need of the benefits of Lipolife.

This Lipolife Cardio+ Pack pack consists of the following:
2 x Lipolife liposomal vitamin C
1 x Lipolife liposomal curcumin
1 x Lipolife liposomal CoQ10
1 x Lipolife liposomal omega 3’s
1 x Lipolife liposomal vitamin B12

The online only Cardio Pack saves R690 over the usual retail price, plus, the door to door shipping is FREE.

That represents a total saving of R810 or 16.5%.

At this stage the cardio pack is a limited time offer, so, please do take advantage while it’s available.