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Lipolife Cix Pack


Lipolife Cix Pack

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Lipolife cix-pack

Lipolife cix-pack

Lipolife Cix Pack – Consisting of: 6 x bottles of high potency liposomal Vitamin C

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Lipolife cix-pack lipolife cix pack Lipolife Cix Pack Cix Pack 300x271

Lipolife cix-pack

Liposomal Nutriceuticals are such an important tool to be used in assisting our recovery of any number of health challenges and Lipolife Vitamin C in particular is key in assisting with many types of diagnoses.

In acute and chronic infections, it often needs to be takes in sufficiently high dosage over a sustained period of time in order to achieve the kind of outcomes that are commonly quoted and attributed to Vit C use.

We have personally seen some great results with Liplife Vitamin C and we also understand that for many, the cost can become prohibitive to achieving and sustaining the desired dosage, so, we have put together this Lipolife Cix-Pack to help those who might need it the most.

This Lipolife Cix Pack contains six bottles of Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C.

The online only pack, saves R810 over the usual retail price, plus, the door to door shipping is FREE.

That represents a total saving of R960 or 18.3%.

At this stage it is a limited time offer, so, please do take advantage while it’s available.