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Liposomal Vitamin C – Lipolife – Sunflower Lecithin

Liposomal Vitamin C – Lipolife – Sunflower Lecithin

R940.00 inc. Vat

liposomal Vitamin C

Lipolife liposomal vitamin C

Lipolife liposomal vitamin C

Lipolife liposomal Vitamin C SF – a small dose makes a BIG difference


Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C formulated from sunflower sourced lecithin

This high performance vitamin liposomal vitamin C delivers an essential nutrient and a powerful antioxidant which:

  • Protection against free radical damage
  • Stimulates collagen leading to healthier skin
  • Speeds up recovery after exercise and workouts
  • Promotes optimal overall health
  • Use with Paleo, Zone and Vegan diets
  • Contains no sugar or glutens

This product has been developed and manufactured in a HACCP registered European laboratory using only European sourced components. Special techniques have been used to ensure the stability and efficacy of the product.

Blood plasma testing is currently ongoing but initial results are staggering, levels have been achieved (> 600 micro mol/l) that were previously only possible with IV vitamin C.

1000mg per 5ml teaspoon. 50 servings per 250ml bottle. No sugar or sweeteners. No flavourings. No colourants. Highest quality European ingredients

Try it and you’ll see and feel the enhanced results offered by superior liposomal delivery for yourself!
This is what Dr. Levy discovered by trying liposomal vitamin C in his own practice:

“In a nutshell, I found that liposome encapsulated vitamin C, taken orally, was roughly 10 times more effectively clinically in resolving infectious diseases than the IVC.
Having given thousands of IVCs and taken hundreds myself, this was difficult to comprehend, even though the clinical observation was quite straightforward.

I subsequently realized that the liposome gave the ultimate bioavailability: intracellular delivery, including the mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and even the nucleus.
Furthermore, it was delivered in a non-energy-consuming fashion.”

Lipolife liposomal vitamin C – a small dose makes a BIG difference!