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Ozone Therapy Device – Home Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy Device – Home Ozone Therapy

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Ozone Therapy TITANIUM 03

Ozone Therapy TITANIUM 03

Ozone concentration output from 13ug/ml through to 99ug/ml.

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Medical Ozone Therapy can be used in a home setting for many uses, from; ozonating water for sanitary or therapeutic purposes through to self administering various treatment modalities as adjunctive  therapies for managing chronic dis-ease.

Our Medical Grade Ozone Therapy unit, the TITANIUM 03, produces ultra pure, medical grade ozone in a range of suitable concentrations that rivals that of some units that retail at five times the price of the TITANIUM 03.
The internal reactor cell is constructed of medical grade materials which ensures that there are NO CONTAMINANTS in the ozone produced. This is an often unseen detail on many low priced units.
We have manged to put together a unit that does not compromise on purity at a price that is within reach.

The unit is supplied complete with oxygen input and ozone output tubing as well as a suitably calibrated oxygen regulator that will fit most South African oxygen cylinders.

Additional accessories for any specific Ozone Therapy treatments are available separately and we are available for telephonic support every day of the week should you need to trouble shoot the really simple setup or operation of the unit.