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Passalacqua HAREM Coffee – 1kg beans

Passalacqua HAREM Coffee – 1kg beans

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From a careful selection of some of the finest Arabica coffees in the world comes the most representative Passalacqua blend.

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 Passalacqua Harem Coffee is one of the finest blends in the world: 100% Arabica from 10 origins including two of the rarest and most valuable gourmet coffees ever cultivated: this blend is, in fact, Passalacqua’s pride, one dedicated to connoisseurs.


Harem flavour profile

Passalacqua Harem flavour profile



Passalacqua Harem coffee is the result of the blending of 10 fine coffee origins from the best plantations in the world. These include Jamaica Blue Mountain and Portorico San Pedro, which make this product unique in Italy for fragrance, taste and esteem. Jamaica Blue Mountain is the finest coffee on the international market, coffee that tastes like honey with hints of vanilla and dried fruit, unsurpassed in flavour complexity. The Portorico San Pedro was born in the mountains of Puerto Rico’s Central Cordillera, over 1000 meters above sea level. It expresses that land’s fruity fragrance and taste, in addition to pleasant hints of dark chocolate and hazelnut, which make it unique.

Thanks to the skilful blending of carefully selected and exclusive origins, Harem gives the palate intense pleasure and a sense of prolonged gustatory well-being. A naturally sweet coffee, to be enjoyed even without sugar at home and in bars, in order to fully grasp the gently caress on the palate.

Passalacqua Harem Coffee is now available in South Africa for the first time, and with the convenience of delivery to your door.
Passalacqua HAREM is suited to home baristas and aficionados who already have a good quality grinder. The blend is suitable for espresso based drinks and also traditional Neapolitan brewing methods.