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Knee High Socks by Akeso – Ski Socks

Knee High Socks by Akeso – Ski Socks

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Knee High Socks




Knee High Socks

Knee High Socks by Akeso

Knee High Socks designed specifically for wearing under ski or riding boots, made thinner than the standard Akeso range and long for comfort and fit. The amazing performance is inherently locked into the special fibre used to make Akeso socks which is anti-microbialanti-fungal, absorbent and ensures consistent performance over the life of the sock.

Akeso Knee High Socks are guaranteed to keep your feet smelling fresh and fungus free.



Akeso socks anti fungal

Anti-Fungal Akeso Socks

Laboratory tests indicate that PCA fibre is resistant to fungal growth for 28 days.

The process:

The PCA fabric – alongside other control groups such as black cotton and filter paper – was exposed to a fungal spore suspension and incubated at 30 degrees Celsius for 28 days.

The outcome:

After 28 days, the PCA fabric showed no fungal growth, unlike the control groups that showed heavy growth of over 60%.



Anti Bacterial Akeso Socks

Akeso Socks Anti-Bacterial

Laboratory tests demonstrate that PCA fibre is antibacterial, in accordance with AATCC Test
method 100-2012.

The process:

Samples are inoculated with bacteria and incubated for 24 hours.

The outcome:

After 24 hours, the number of surviving organisms is counted. Reduction rates of 99% are
considered antibacterial.