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Work Socks by Akeso

Work Socks by Akeso

R800.00 inc VAT

Work Socks by Akeso

Mid Length work socks by Akeso



Work socks with a length that are ideal for work boots, but also suitable for many other activities such as walking, hiking, golf, tennis, cycling and travel.
The sock length is to mid-calf height.
The amazing performance is inherently locked into the special fibre used to make Akeso Socks which is anti-bacterialanti-fungal, absorbent and ensures consistent performance over the life of the sock.

Akeso Work Socks are guaranteed to keep your feet smelling fresh and fungus free.




Akeso socks anti fungal

Anti-Fungal Akeso Socks

Laboratory tests indicate that PCA fibre is resistant to fungal growth for 28 days.

The process:

The PCA fabric – alongside other control groups such as black cotton and filter paper – was exposed to a fungal spore suspension and incubated at 30 degrees Celsius for 28 days.

The outcome:

After 28 days, the PCA fabric showed no fungal growth, unlike the control groups that showed heavy growth of over 60%.



Anti Bacterial Akeso Socks

Akeso Socks Anti-Bacterial

Laboratory tests demonstrate that PCA fibre is antibacterial, in accordance with AATCC Test
method 100-2012.

The process:

Samples are inoculated with bacteria and incubated for 24 hours.

The outcome:

After 24 hours, the number of surviving organisms is counted. Reduction rates of 99% are
considered antibacterial.