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Medical Ozone has been used therapeutically for over 140 years to deliver medically proven beneficial results to the human body and has additionally been used in combination with steam saunas in particular since 1881.

Sauna type treatments are also represented in a number of traditional healing practices in many cultures throughout the globe.

In fact, Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of modern medicine is often quoted as saying over two thousand years ago; “Give me the power to create a fever and I will cure any illness”.

The goal of MEDICAL OZONE and LIPOLIFE AFRCA is the restoration of personal health through the use of oxidative therapies and liposomal nutrition, across all treatment modalities.

We regularly share and exchange knowledge with leading practitioners throughout South Africa and globally in order to ensure that we remain abreast of developments in this field.
This co-operation has lead to us networking with bio-oxidative specialists in Johannesburg, Malaysia, New York, Germany and Canada (amongst others) to be able to deliver the best solution to each person’s specific needs, whether it be treatment related or recommendations on equipment to suit specific requirements.

Our passion for these therapies is driven by a personal experience of the healing of a loved one from an “incurable” autoimmune disorder, and is fueled daily by the smiles and gratitude of our many satisfied clients.

This passion has allowed us to also grow into the business of supplying medical ozone equipment, accessories, consumables and training to physicians and therapists throughout Southern Africa and we have supply agreements with some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers and liposomal nutraceutical suppliers who have chosen to partner with us.

We truly do offer the best solution for any Medical Ozone or Prolozone requirement and the worlds largest range of liposomal nutrition.

Medical Ozone & Lipolife Africa

Our goal is the restoration of health through the use of bio-oxidative therapies and targeted liposomal nutrition.

Our vision is to achieve our stated goal by expanding the network of physicians and therapists in Southern Africa who offer oxidative therapies and to support that network through training and service.

Our passion for oxidative therapies lies in our own personal experience of it’s restorative power. We have experienced the results in a loved one who was practically bedridden due to an Autoimmune disease and with a prognosis of death within 3-5 years.
14 Years later, that person is still up and about, fully functional and symptom free, thanks to oxidative therapies.
So, we really are able to approach most aspects surrounding oxidative therapies from a position of greater understanding than could normally be expected from a practitioner or equipment supplier.

Free Support

We are the only suppliers in Southern Africa who offer unlimited telephonic support to the network of physicians and therapists who have  purchased equipment or training programmes through us

Longest Warranty

Our ozone generators carry some of the longest warranties in the industry, with a 5yr warranty on all LRI units and a 2yr warranty on the HAB units.

Experiential Expertise

No other supplier in Southern Africa can match our experience of 11yrs and over 12 000 treatments carried out in their own clinical setting.
We practice what we preach.

Outstanding Service

Because this is our passion before it is our business it’s not a chore to ensure that you get the kind of service that we expect ourselves.

Shaun Pretorius

Shaun is a licenced natural medicine practitioner and is responsible for all technical aspects relating to treatments, equipment and training, as well as telephonic support for any of these matters. As founder of Ozone Health, Shaun has over decade of experience in the practical application of Medical Ozone therapies for therapeutic outcomes and he ensures that this facility remains the most technologically advanced and competent facility in the country.

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Sr. Karen Breedzke

Her broad knowledge base is an asset that all of our patients will benefit from directly as Karen takes care of you during your treatments with us.

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