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Ozone Therapy training in South Africa – Medical Ozone training

Ozone Therapy training in South Africa – Medical Ozone training
We currently offer two levels of training in the use of Medical Ozone therapies and these are targeted as detailed below.

The training takes place in the form of a one day workshop at our facility in Ballito KZN. Workshops do not typically issue “certification” and that is the case here as Ozone Therapies may be applied differently by various professions and that will be determined under the existing Scope of Practice of each practitioner.

Lay people may not utilize ozone to treat any specific conditions but certainly can offer general detoxification and overall health supporting treatments, so again, no certification will grant “permission” with any legal standing whatsoever.

Ozone Therapist
The Ozone Therapist training is targeted at those who are operating or looking to open a detox type centre where ozone sauna treatments will likely form the backbone of operations.

It covers all of the basic science of ozone, the difference between medical and industrial ozone, equipment requirements for medical ozone therapies and then also includes the recommended documentation for use in their treatment facility, etc.
Ozone sauna treatment protocols are covered in detail, with specific emphasis on common effects and side effects and indications for use.

The other treatment modalities that are covered, include; rectal, vaginal and ear insufflations, limb bagging and nutritional support.

Detailed treatment protocol information is supplied for each and every treatment modality and the take-way reference material allows the therapist to always have access to correct and accurate protocol information.

Attendees will leave the program with a clear understanding of what they can and cannot do as Ozone Therapists, what the truthful outcome expectations are from Medical Ozone therapies, and with the confidence to competently assist others to restored health using the power of Medical Ozone treatment modalities.

We have a number of previous attendees who can testify to the fact that this training has completely changed their perception of Medical Ozone and has enabled them to be more effective in treatment outcomes and more successful economically.
Some of their comments are already displayed on the scrolling “What Clients Say” display on the “About Us” page of our website:

We also provide ongoing telephonic support for attendees once they are operational.

The training takes place over one (very full) day. It starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm, with a short 20min break for a quick lunch.

Ozone Practitioner
This training is aimed at qualified persons, which would include; Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians or Registered Nurse who are looking to incorporate Medical Ozone treatments into their practice.
This course differs significantly from the Therapist training in that it includes and focuses on the practical administration of IM, SC and IV ozone modalities.

The program covers the scientific foundations for Medical Ozone therapies in detail with full explanations of the physiological effects by which Medical Ozone achieves each of the beneficial effects associated with the treatments.
It covers the safety record of Medical Ozone therapies and also includes access to many published studies on the effects of Medical Ozone in every field of medicine.

“Best practice” treatment protocols are detailed for every known ozone treatment modality and this is supplied as part of the take-away reference material.

Having covered the scientific basis and the protocol information, the training then moves on to practical demonstration of each of the treatment modalities, which allows the practitioner to view and participate in the preparation and administration of each treatment modality.

There is no other facility in SA, and perhaps even in the world, that covers ALL of the known treatment modalities available to practitioners and certainly none that actually teach the practical administration of all of them.
We believe that having knowledge of every modality allows the practitioner to apply the most suitable option for each patient’s circumstance and thereby achieve greater success than by simply treating everyone with the same modality.

Practitioners are also afforded the opportunity to join a social network group with other ozone practitioners in SA where information is shared on an ongoing basis.

The training takes place over one (very full) day. It starts at 8am and finishes some time after 5pm, with a short 20 min break for a quick lunch.

Booking and pricing
The training is carried out on a one on one basis and not in a classroom type environment. This means that we have to schedule a day dedicated to your training exclusively.

Please contact us on 0329400417 or via mail: to discuss suitable dates.
The cost for the workshops remains at R17 500 per attendee for the 1st quarter of 2024