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where to find frequency therapy in KZN

Outpatient Frequency Therapy; Rife, PEMF and TENS.

What are the Benefits of Rife PEMF Therapy? The constructive frequencies are designed to support health in some way. At cellular level the constructive programs are designed to: Improve cellular energy and metabolism Improve circulation Speed up wound healing and regeneration Improve muscle performance Reduce inflammation Reduce pain and swelling Support the health of the […]

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Lipolife liposome

Are there liposomes in my liposomal formulation?

There is no doubt that there is exponentially increasing knowledge of, and interest in, liposomes and liposomal nutraceutical formulations amongst health aware end users, savvy physicians and their patients, and, rightfully so, as liposomal formulations definitely increase the efficacy of their encapsulated nutraceuticals significantly. So, whether they are used in a supportive role in-between IV […]

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Medical Ozone

Industrial vs Medical Ozone. Some of the most frequent questions that we encounter are from people who have purchased a cheap industrial ozone generator based on the potential biological outcomes of Medical Ozone Treatments ( and  are then frustrated by the fact that they do not experience the medical benefits as promised by the salesman. […]

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