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Hyperbaric MAHT

Hyperbaric MAHT is a form of Autohemotherapy, with the difference being that the ozone volume is infused into the blood under mild hyperbaric pressure.

This mild hyperbaric pressure results in a greater infusion of ozone into the whole blood volume, which in turn results in increased effectiveness of the treatment protocol.

Another advantage of the Hyperbaric MAHT treatments over conventional Major Autohemotherapy is a significant reduction in the time that it takes to carry out the treatment.
Hyperbaric MAHT can be completed in a scant 10 minutes whereas conventional MAHT treatments take around 45 min to 60 min to complete.

The very latest technique that has been pioneered in Germany incorporates multiple passes of Hyperbaric MAHT in one treatment session resulting in a significantly greater volume of blood being treated. The reports out of Germany and early reports out of the USA are showing outstanding results and Multi Pass Hyperbaric MAHT may soon become the preferred 1st choice treatment.

Hyperbaric MAHT can only be carried out with equipment specifically designed for this process and standard Medical Ozone generators are not suitable for carrying out the procedure nor can they be adapted to do so.

For this process, 200 ml of the patient’s blood is withdrawn, and enriched with an exactly dosed quantity of ozone outside of the body. The ozone is then passed through the blood in the form of extremely fine bubbles and also up to a computer controlled and monitored hyperbaric pressure and the freshly ozonated blood is then administered back to the patient via electronically monitored process with inbuilt safety triggers.

The most important indications for MAHT (Major Autohemotherapy) or Hyperbaric MAHT treatments are: arterial circulatory disorders, systemic infections, and diseases occurring in the context of immune deficiencies, e.g. rheumatism/arthritis, lupus, systemic candida, etc.

The the duration of the Hyperbaric Autohemotherapy (Hyperbaric MAHT) treatment procedure is generally around 10 to 15 minutes.

Major autohemotherapy as an extracorporeal blood treatment and intravenous reinfusion of the patients own blood. Arterial circulatory disorders Activation of red blood cell metabolism with increase of 2,3-DPG and ATP plus resultant improvement in O2-release
Infections, Immunoactivation, additive therapy in carcinoma patients,
geriatric field
Activation of immunocompetent cells with release of cytokins, such as Interferons and Interleukins.
Rheumatic arthritis Modulation of immune system with increase of IFN-ß, TGF-ßIncrease of the antioxidative capacity by activation of SOD, GSHPx, Catalase …