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Medical Ozone

Industrial vs Medical Ozone.

Some of the most frequent questions that we encounter are from people who have purchased a cheap industrial ozone generator based on the potential biological outcomes of Medical Ozone Treatments ( and  are then frustrated by the fact that they do not experience the medical benefits as promised by the salesman.

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous sales people out there who will happily “part a fool and his money” and who will prey on the emotions of people who are understandably desperate for relief from their aliments.

Medical Ozone ( is significantly different from industrial ozone in terms of it’s purity, concentration, biological considerations, measurement units, etc. and whilst we would certainly not claim to be able to specify and install an ozone sanitation unit for a bottling plant, municipal water supply, or air purification system, it is a never ending source of frustration that many industrial ozone generators are sold by people, with zero knowledge of Medical Ozone Treatments, on the basis of a list of medical benefits that, frankly, they are not assured or even capable of delivering.

Medical Ozone treatments ( require ultra pure ozone at a range of concentrations that few industrial units are capable of producing.
Medical Ozone generators ( are required to utilise specific internal materials that ensure that there are zero contaminants in the ozone stream, they are also required to produce this ultra pure ozone in a range of concentrations which can then be selected and applied via the most suitable protocol to produce the desired outcome.

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It certainly is true that Medical Ozone treatments can help in the treatment of a number of chronic conditions but unfortunately the impression that it’s “cheap” or “super easy” is not entirely correct and, especially in the case of anyone who is putting their hope of health recovery in Medical Ozone Treatments, it is vitally important to ensure that the treatments are carried out correctly by suitably trained personnel ( or at the very least, that proper Medical Ozone Generators are used for home treatments (

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