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Minor Autohemotherapy – MiAHT

Minor Autohemotherapy

In this quick procedure, 5 ml – 10 ml of blood is taken from a patients vein and then enriched in a 20 ml syringe containing 10 ml of ozone. The ozone enriched blood is then injected into the patients gluteal muscle or under the patients skin.

The immune system reacts to this ozone enriched blood with higher activity and production of antibodies.

MiAHT has proven itself to be of great value as a non-specific immunoactivator with benefit in any condition where increased immune activity is desired.

The treatment process only takes about 10 minutes and can be carried out three or more times per week.

Minor autohemotherapy as extracorporeal blood treatment and intramuscular injection. Allergies, acne, furunculosis.
Adjuvant cancer therapy.
Non-specific activation of the immune-system
general stimulation.