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Insufflation – Rectal; Vaginal; Ear

Rectal insufflation:
Rectal insufflation with Ozone has an infection blocking and immune activating effect. It is used on infectious intestine diseases or injuries of the tissue.

Gas volumes of 50 to 300 ml of Ozone are applied with a Bladder syringe and catheter. A treatment series of 10 sessions is often enough.

The rectal administration of ozone gas is one of the oldest forms of systemic and local application, dating back to 1936, and in terms of systemic activity, is a genuine alternative to MAHT.
It is also convenient and practical for children and elderly patients where MAHT is not practical due to unfavourable vein access.

The procedure generally takes 10 minutes.

Vaginal Insufflation:
A suitable catheter, inert to ozone, is placed into the vagina. Medical ozone is loaded into a syringe adequate to guarantee the accuracy of measuring volume and insufflated slowly.

Alternatively, insufflation can be carried out at a continuous low flow rate for periods of up to 20 min.

Ear Insufflation:
Ozone is introduced into the ear canal via an adapted stethoscope type device. Extremely low flow rates are used and no pressure on the ear drum is allowed.

Infections and conditions in the head & dental area can be targeted with ear insufflation.


Rectal insufflation Arterial circulatory disorders (stage II)
general immunoactivation,
adjuvant cancer therapy.
Hepatitis A,B,C
see MAHT
Rectal Insufflation Proctitis;
Antiinflammatory effect,
better O2-supply,
wound healing effect
Vaginal Insufflation e.g. candida infection fungicidal effect