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Outpatient Frequency Therapy; Rife, PEMF and TENS.

What are the Benefits of Rife PEMF Therapy?

The constructive frequencies are designed to support health in some way. At cellular level the constructive programs are designed to:

  • Improve cellular energy and metabolism
  • Improve circulation
  • Speed up wound healing and regeneration
  • Improve muscle performance
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Support the health of the body and the various organs

The destructive frequencies are designed to eliminate certain toxins and pathogens from the body.

Benefits for the Cardiovascular System include:

  • Improving cardiovascular health through improved circulation, microcirculation and oxygenation
  • Improving blood pressure by stimulating NO production to expand blood vessels and improve circulation
  • Reduces systemic inflammation

Benefits for the Respiratory System include:

  • Improved oxygenation as a result of improved circulation
  • Reducing in inflammation which can help to improve inflammatory conditions like asthma
  • Improved muscle condition which can help to support the lungs

Benefits for the Skeletal System:

  • Enhanced muscle condition and healing
  • Increases wound healing and the healing of tissue as a result of sprains, strains, swelling and inflammation
  • Improves microcirculation and reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation that is often present in conditions like arthritis and other joint conditions.

Benefits for Metabolism and Hormonal System:

  • Improves cellular energy and metabolism
  • Helps to remove toxins from the cells, muscles and tissues
  • Supports overall metabolism

What is frequency therapy?

Frequency therapy is the use of frequency to help support health or eliminate disease. Frequency therapy is based on the principle of resonance. Everything in the universe has a resonant frequency, or natural frequency. When an object is exposed to its resonant frequency, that object begins to vibrate and if the frequency and intensity are correct, the object can self-destruct. This is the principle behind the crystal glass that shatters when a particular note is played or sung.

Frequency therapy uses particular frequencies to stimulate healing or to destroy certain bacteria or pathogens that threaten health. The Rife PEMF device uses frequencies that fall within the sound wave frequency spectrum to help support health.

What are PEMFs?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. PEMFs have a frequency component and a magnetic component. The frequencies are carried through the body and administered to the body via magnetic applicators. Pulsed electromagnetic fields can stimulate the cells, improve circulation and offer a host of other benefits depending on the programs selected.

The device and a MAT or other magnetic accessories are used to general the magnetic field.

PEMF energy is a natural phenomenon. The body is electric and each cell relies on voltage to be able to function efficiently. The heart generates electromagnetic waves that travel throughout the body promoting health. When you are sick, cellular voltage is low. PEMF devices can stimulate the cells, providing much needed voltage to heal at cellular level. PEMFs can also help to support areas like circulation and they have even been found to help decrease inflammation.

The Rife PEMF device offers both frequency therapy and PEMF therapy thereby combining the benefits of both modalities. The device contains frequencies that are designed to support and promote healing and frequencies that are designed to help reduce threats to overall health, like pathogens and inflammation.

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About PEMF Therapy

What Conditions Can Be Treated with PEMF?

There are over 500 medical studies on the use of PEMF therapy. Since most medical conditions can benefit from increased circulation, decreased inflammation, and improved cellular energy and metabolism, most conditions can benefit from PEMF therapy. PEMF has also shown to speed wound healing and support bone-healing.

PEMF therapy is also extremely beneficial for promoting optimal health.

Who Can benefit from PEMF Therapy?

Anyone suffering from the conditions mentioned above can benefit from PEMF therapy.

Anyone wanting to reduce inflammation, increase circulation or improve overall health can benefit from PEMF.

PEMF therapy can benefit anyone, young or old, by supporting and promoting both short and long term health without negative side effects and without the risks of antibiotic resistance.

Who Should avoid PEMF Therapy?

Since PEMF therapy uses magnetic and electrical frequencies for therapy purposes, individuals with devices that are sensitive to electro frequencies should avoid PEMF therapy. That includes individuals with a pacemaker, audio implants, cochlear implants and intrathecal pumps.

PEMF therapy has not been proven safe for use in pregnancy and pregnant women should avoid using PEMF therapy although TENS applications have been used to reduce labor pain.

PEMF is also not suitable for young children.

PEMF has not been proven safe for epilepsy.

Individuals with cardiac disturbances should use PEMF with caution since the heart relies on electrical signals to function at optimal levels.

Can frequencies be dangerous?

Many people are aware of the potential dangers of cellphone towers and other electronic equipment. The frequency spectrum ranges from a single hertz to terahertz. There are many frequencies within this spectrum that are dangerous and even deadly and there are many frequencies which have been shown to be safe for medical use.

It is important to choose a device that has been proven safe for use by the local medical or safety authorities to make sure your machine is safe for you. Our device is legally licenced as a medical device. Do not be fooled by marketing hype that says a device does not need to be licensed. The licensing process is there to make sure you are safe.

What is the difference between TENS, Rife and PEMF?

TENS, PEMF and Rife devices all use frequencies for medical purposes. Most authorities only classify devices that use frequencies for health purposes as “TENs Type Devices”.

Generally speaking, a TENs device has a limited number of frequencies. A Rife device has a broader range of frequencies. A PEMF device uses magnetic and electrical frequencies to deliver the frequency to the body for healing purposes.

What is the difference between Magnets and Rife PEMF Therapy?

A static magnetic is limited to one constant magnetic field. A condition like arthritis for example has numerous underlying factors that contribute to the condition. In the case of arthritis for example, factors that contribute to the condition include inflammation, pain, lack of circulation, an increase in toxins and a breakdown of joint and muscle tissue to name a few. Each of these factors responds to different fields and frequencies. The Rife PEMF device has over 30 different frequencies designed to address some of the underlying factors responsible for arthritis.

Since a magnet creates one field, it may be useful for one or two underlying factors of the condition, but application is limited. That is why some individuals find magnetic therapy useful while others do not – since the

What Does a PEMF Session Feel Like?

Everyone is different, but generally client report feeling a tingling or pins and needles sensation during treatment. Treatment periods vary from 15 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the program selected. Program times can be manually altered to increase treatment time or to decrease the length of the program.

Is it Possible to Treat Too Often or Overdose?

Frequencies and magnetic fields are all around you. While it is not possible to overdose on these frequencies – in the same way that it is not possible to listen to too much music, the frequencies on the Rife PEMF are biologically active and it is possible to increase the toxin load on the body. When this occurs, you can feel fatigued, tired or you may experience an exacerbation of symptoms. This also occurs with certain types of medications and the reaction is called the Herxheimer reaction. If you experience fatigue or muscle pain after a session, simply reduce or skip a session to alleviate the symptoms.

Is Therapy Painful?

Everyone experience a different level of intensity. Our Rife PEMF devices all have an intensity knob that can be adjusted for each frequency to ensure your experience is both relaxing and healing.

Do I have to Undress for Rife PEMF Therapy?

No. Rife PEMF therapy is completely non-invasive and can be done in the convenience of your own home using the special accessories we have designed. All treatments can be done without removing any of your clothing.

These frequency therapies can be run as stand alone treatments, or they can be run concurrently with any of our IV treatment modalities.
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