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Veterinary Ozone

Use of Veterinary Ozone ..

Excerpts from the Citizen’s Council for Truth in Medicine, Washington, DC

Ozone is very effective in acute and chronic viral diseases as a virus inactivation agent in reversing positive antibody tests and improving the general health of the animals.
Equine Influenza and other VRCDs of horses and other animals including cattle, cats, dogs, sheep, goats, domestic birds and various zoo animals.
Ozone is also effective against viral respiratory infections with secondary bacterial infection

Ozone is especially effective when treating super infected, slow healing wounds, including those that do not respond well to antibiotics such as MRSA and endotoxemia.

Ozone is effective against Actinomycosis and Candidiasis, Chromomycosis, North American Blastomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Aspergillosis. Its application can be done via systemic route or topical route depending on the disease. Is a valuable adjunct in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD, heaves) of horses.

Veterinary Ozone is particularly effective against any blood and malignant disease caused by viruses and bacteria such as Bovine Leukosis, Canine Malignant Lymphomas, Feline Lymphosarcoma, Feline Leukemia and lymphoproliferative disorders in turkeys, chickens and zoo animals.

Rectal ozone insufflations are a powerful adjunct to the treatment of both infectious and non-infectious diseases of the digestive tract. Ozone is effective in reducing intestinal parasites (helminths), viruses and, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Ozone is effective in diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease of horses.

Vaginal ozone insufflations are easy, cost effective and successful treatment against repetitive vaginal Candidiasis or as an anti-fungal in drug resistant cases.

Topical ozone (Ozonated oils) is effective for dermatomycosis, osteomyelitis and infected wounds. Topical ozonated oil applications have widely demonstrated powerful germicide properties as well as promoting granulation and boosting healing. Just a few drops of ozonated oil can treat conditions such as canine otitis, dermatomycosis, burns, hot spots.

Ozonated water has obvious multiple beneficial applications in veterinary medicine and surgery.
Fluid therapy has a widespread applications such as ozonated water and ozonated normal saline for lavages (mouth infections, open wounds, after surgery) and for SQ injections.


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