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Lipolysis – Using ozone for body sculpting results

Body Sculpting vs weight loss
Everyone is of course looking for a “quick fix” to achieving the body shape that they would like, especially now in the summer months, and, while it’s definitely true that the basics for weight loss are pretty simple (energy in vs energy out), any underlying clinical aspects (e.g. systemic inflammation, just for one) can certainly add additional challenges to that process, and even when you do succeed in dropping some of the weight, there typically are certain areas where the subcutaneous fat seems reluctant to budge and this is exactly where ozone treatments can assist.
So, for the sake of clarity, weight loss needs to be achieved through the “usual” mechanisms of dietary review, together with increased energy output, and where appropriate, underlying clinical challenges that may be interfering with that process/goals need to be addressed.
Ozone treatments can then assist with “body sculpting” by way of reduction/removal of those stubborn fatty deposits that do not reduce with dietary changes or exercise.

How does it work?
Medical grade ozone is clinically proven to increase the metabolic function of our body’s cells when they are exposed to it.
Imagine that the cells surrounding those fatty deposits are just laying back, taking it easy and expending the least amount of effort possible as, after all, they are actually trying to preserve that stored fat as kind of emergency rations, not to be touched unless absolutely necessary.

When exposing those same cells to an oxygen/ozone mixture, their rate of metabolism increases immediately and as a result, they then consume the surrounding fatty fuel stores in order to support that increase.
In other words, the fat is metabolized, consumed, burned up by the surrounding cells.

The treatments can also be used in addressing cellulite.

How are the treatments administered?
Medical Ozone is injected into the subcutaneous tissue in the affected areas.
The series of injections are very similar to those that diabetics self-administer on a regular basis and they are as painless as any injection procedure can be. A super small gauge and very short needle are used, ensuring that the oxygen/ozone mixture can only go into the subcutaneous fat pockets.

Typically, each treatment takes approximately 20minutes from walk in to walk out and as many or as few treatment sessions as desired can be carried out. Usually three to six treatments are done at an interval of once per week and the results can be measured on a weekly basis.
If measuring an area like the tummy for example, it’s reasonable to expect in the vicinity of 4cm to 7cm loss in the first three treatments.

What do the treatments cost?
Our Lipozone Treatments are charged at R1000 per treatment as of January 2024