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Dental Care – Activated Oxygen – Cherry Berry

Dental Care – Activated Oxygen – Cherry Berry

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Dental Care - Cherry Berry

Dental Care – Cherry Berry

100ml Dental Care gel. Activated Oxygen and Cherry Berry flavor

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Product details
Our Dental Care product is produced by processing ORGANIC oil with pure MEDICAL OZONE (no contaminants) until it reaches a gelatinous, vaseline like consistency.
This is the point of complete saturation of the base oil with ozonides and it is the highest potency achievable for any ozonated oil.
So, this basic gel base contains only; organic extra virgin olive oil and medical oxygen/ozone.
The Dental Care range then uses this same ozonated organic extra virgin olive oil, but with the addition of essential oils for flavoring and xylitol to assist both, re-mineralisation of the teeth as well as the flavor profile so that Dental Care is palatable  as well as effective.

Our Dental Care gel super-oxygenates the whole mouth providing enhanced energy for an increased metabolic rate.
This promotes rapid cell renewal, hence rapid healing and any other metabolism which protects repairs and rejuvenates.

In fact, a recently published clinical study examining the effects of ozonated oils for dental use found the following:
“All the lesions regress in patients with aphthous ulcerations, herpes labialis, oral candidiasis and angular cheilitis or showed improvement in the signs and symptoms in oral lichen planus patients. No toxicity or side effect was observed in any of the patients.”

Our Dental Care Ozonated Oil is available in the following variants in 100ml glass jars:
Lemon Teatree
Cinnamon Bark
Cherry Berry

Wholesale and export inquiries are welcome, so, encourage your dentist or health store to get in touch with us about stocking this range.