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Ozonated Oil 30ml – Organic Olive – Skin Care

Ozonated Oil 30ml – Organic Olive – Skin Care

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Ozonated Oil - Organic Olive

Ozonated Oil – Organic Olive

30ml Organic Olive – Skin Care


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Ozonated Oil Range

Ozonated Oil Range

Product details
Our ozonated oil product is produced by processing ORGANIC oil with pure MEDICAL OZONE (no contaminants) until it reaches a gelatinous, vaseline like consistency.
This is the point of complete saturation of the base oil with ozonides and it is the highest potency achievable for any ozonated oils.
So, this Skin Care range contains only; organic extra virgin olive oil and medical oxygen/ozone.

It’s easy to tell the difference when comparing to other brands. Firstly, simply open the jar ans smell the difference for yourself.
Secondly, you’l notice that our ozonated product doesn’t return to liquid state when left out of the fridge. It is solid at room temp!

This ozonated oil super oxygenates the skin providing enhanced energy for an increased metabolic rate.
This promotes rapid cell renewal, hence rapid healing and any other metabolism which protects repairs and rejuvenates skin tissue.

A recently published paper by Valacchi G et al (Valacchi G et al 2005) showed that ozonated oil has been shown to be safe for use on skin tissue.
The use of these ozonated extracts and blends are wide; from medical treatment of infections (bacterial, viral and fungal infections eg; gingivitis, athletes foot and herpes), skin conditions (eczema) and wounds (insect bites & stings,
cuts, burns, leg ulcers, bed sores), to additives in the cosmetic industry for skin tissue repair and rejuvenation.

Our Ozonated Oil is available in the following variants:
Organic Olive – Skin Care
Organic Flax – Skin Care
Organic Olive – Dental Care
Organic Olive – Veterinary Care
Organic Flax – Veterinary Care

It’s available in the following pack sizes:
100ml glass jar
30ml gass jar
1ml syringe (Veterinary Dental use)